Hey Lucy!

Hey Lucy!

I was lucky enough to see Lucy at the zoo again today, and this time, I knew how to take a video with my phone! I did have to learn how to rotate video, but I had the video 🙂 The video is of Lucy eating a snack and having a dustbath.

I put the video here: LucySnacksDustBath.mp4

Arctic Wolf

Edmonton Valley Zoo Trips

I always love wandering the Edmonton Valley Zoo and taking pictures of the animals. Most trips I don’t manage to see Lucy the Elephant, so one of my trips this summer was extra special when I spotted her. I excitedly filmed a beautiful video of her walking, carefully keeping her nicely framed, but, sadly, my phone video function was not properly turned on. Fortunately, I did manage a few regular shots on my phone.

Other treats were spotting the zoo’s new baby Takin, photographing the ever photogenic Meerkats and Zebras, and seeing the Lemur’s in their tree outside.