Hello From Crooked Paths!

I set up Crooked Paths when I realized I wanted my own blog site after listening to a popular author make a compelling argument about how everyone should have their own blog. It resonated deeply as I thought about how I’ve had a web presence in the past and I wanted a presence once again. A place to post my pictures, my thoughts and what I learn. Despite being retired, I keep reading productivity books and this will give me a place to write about what I learn and a reason to use any new insights I might have.

I chose the domain name “crookedpaths.ca” when I wasn’t able to use my original choice of “lifespaths.ca”. As this and the coronavirus has made clear, life never proceeds in the straight path we imagine it will. On further consideration, I’ve realized Crooked Paths is actually a much more fun name and I can use it to create fun subdomains like lifes.crookedpaths.ca or my.crookedpaths.ca!