Women on Youtube

If you search for productivity and life management types of videos on youtube, youtube promotes young men with a sprinkling of women doing a TED(x) talk. Yet there are some incredible women out there with great ideas. After doing a little searching, here are a few women I enjoy listening to and I think youtube should do a better job of promoting them:

muchelleb channel (Michelle)
Michelle is a very feminine, yet determined woman, seemingly young with a lot of life experience. She documents her life and wisdom in easy to follow detail on youtube. Her videos are among my favourites because they are low key and very easy to listen to.

Mel Robbins
Michelle’s opposite, with more of a tough love kind of approach. She’s older, with some great how-to’s for creating change in your life. I first listened to her doing her TEDx speech on her 5 second rule which teaches you how to get out of bed in the morning! I’ve tried her method and it is very effective at shutting down the complaints my brain wants to bring to my attention as I climb out of bed. Another tidbit – according to wikipedia, she is the most booked woman on the speaking circuit, and I can see why, she is a very attention-grabbing, easy to follow person.

Laura Vanderkam
Vanderkam is a woman with 5 children who has researched how women succeed in challenging careers while parenting too. She plans in 1 week chunks and has great ideas on how to fit everything into a week. She says it is difficult to have a balanced day, but a balanced week is generally do-able. I especially like her approach of planning your upcoming week on Friday. Because by Friday your energy levels are typically depleted, but planning the following week is still an interesting task.